Our Vision

BioAg solutions for the health of feed and food

Our Vision

A brighter future for feed and food

Our Vision

Join the healthy Biotic era

Our Vision

BioAg solutions for the health of feed and food

Our Vision

A brighter future for feed and food

Our Vision

Join the healthy Biotic Era

About Us

We create Guided Biotics™ a unique and patented technology 
We deliver precision control of complex microbiomes by selective removal of unwanted bacteria
Our Guided Biotics™ can be used to sustain and improve the natural healthy composition of the microbiomes found in animals, plants and soils
Our aim is to use our technology to maintain the health of animals, plants, soil and the environment generating improved efficiency and sustainability of the food production value chain

What we do

FOLIUM Science leads the way in bioscience technology for the healthy biotic era. With game-changing, patented science that harnesses naturally occurring mechanisms to selectively remove unwanted pathogenic and spoilage bacteria, FOLIUM Science is working to deliver solutions for increased productivity at all points in the food and agriculture value chain
Application in animals
Animals harbour complex bacterial populations, microbiomes, that contribute to animal growth and productivity but these can
become out of balance with organisms that inhibit growth and productivity, even presenting a zoonotic risk to humans.

FOLIUM’s Guided Biotics™ act to maintain heathly animals when added to animal feed or drinking water by selectively reducing those unwanted bacteria. Our Guided Biotics™ can form a major tool in the armoury of animal production improvement and biosecurity systems.
Application in plants
Guided Biotics™ can also be used in plants by selectively removing plant pathogens that can create significant waste in world crops and by removing spoilage organisms that cause reduced shelf life of produce.  FOLIUM has solutions for over 70% of all bacteria blight, wilt or rot issues
Application for soil conditioning
Our technology will help condition soil with inoculators that maintain beneficial bacterial species and condition the soil. This will sustain the optimal productive potential of the soil and its’ microbiome to meet the requirements of plant growth and maintenance. By controlling the bacterial population in soils, FOLIUM's technology will improve the bacterial microbiome to aid plant growth throughout its life cycle.

How we do it

FOLIUM’s R&D centre is based in Unit DX, Bristol, UK - a new and fully equipped BioScience facility- that is run by leading experts in the science of bacteriology and microbiomes and their influence on animal, plant and soil health.

Our research is focused on maintaining healthy animals in the production environment and supporting the health of plants and soils to deliver productivity benefits for our farmers, food producers, distributors, retailers and consumers.
Product development
Successful in-vitro studies and in-vivo trials have been completed using Guided Biotics™ and FOLIUM has demonstrated statistically significant and highly specific reduction (up to 6Log) of target bacteria without any detriment of the rest of the microbiome.

FOLIUM has tools to control many unwanted bacteria both Gram negative including E. coli and Salmonella amongst many others, and Gram positive including Clostridia. Our technology provides a robust platform on which to build products that target with exquisite sensitivity and specificity all unwanted bacteria.

Whilst in-vivo data is essential for ‘in-feed’ applications other tests are proving efficacy in other environments. For example our Guided Biotics™ will be used for the selective removal of the target bacterium in biofilms (e.g. drinking lines on farm), on surfaces (e.g. meat, production surfaces) and in suspension (e.g. foot-dips on farm) amongst many other potential applications.
FOLIUM is working with the University of Bristol and the Quadram Institute in the development of applications for animal production
and with the John Innes Centre and Rothamsted Institute for the development of applications for plant and soil health. Other institutional and business collaborators include Jafral and SNIPR Biome.

FOLIUM is continually recognised for its leading scientific work and was recently a runner up in the 2018 Nutreco Feed Challenge, selected from a global pool of Food and Ag venture start-ups, recognised for our work to reduce the impact of Antimicrobial Resistance.

Our Guided Biotics™ will selectively remove any bacterium irrespective of whether it is resistant or sensitive to antibiotics and their mechanism of action has been shown not to generate resistance to the Guided Biotics™ themselves, a unique feature of our technology.

Who we are

Edward Fuchs, MBA
Chief Executive & Co-Founder

Executive leader in the global food industry, within private equity owned United Biscuits and ARYZTA AG driving supply and corporate development

Dr. Christian Grondahl, PhD
Chairman & Co-Founder

Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Copenhagen. Formerly a Partner at Syncona Partners, CEO of Freeline Therapeutics and Kymab Ltd

Jasper Clube EPA CPA
Advisor & Co-Founder

IP, licensing and M&A expert in Biotech and Healthcare. Chief Patent Counsel, Kymab Ltd, formerly Head of IP, Domantis and Senior Patent Counsel, GSK

Prof. Morten Sommer, PhD
Advisor & Co-Founder

Professor in Systems Biology at DTU & Novo Nordisk Foundation Centre for Biosustainability. Also co-founded, Antibiotix and Biosyntia

Edward Fuchs, MBA
Chief Executive & Co-founder

Executive leader in the global food industry, within private equity owned United Biscuits and ARYZTA AG driving supply and corporate development

Prof Martin Woodward
Chief Scientific Officer

Over 40yrs in veterinary and gut microbiology in production animals. Created many vaccines for animal use including the first against Salmonella in poultry

Phil Joss
Operations & Business Development

A value chain transformation expert with experience as Commercial SVP at WNS, Partner of 4c Associates. Leads business devt and co-developer needs

Dr Tony Flint
Regulatory Affairs

Highly experience regulatory affairs executive within venture businesses, with previous experience in the health care and pharmeuticals sectors

Dr Holger Kneuper
Lead Molecular Scientist

Doctorate at Johannes Gutenburg-University in molecular bacteriology, led to positions at John Innes Centre and the University of Dundee. Currently leading molecular development of Guided Biotics™ for animal production

Dr Abiyad Baig
Senior Molecular Scientist

Doctorate from Nottingham Trent University in microbial pathogenesis, led to positions at University of Cambridge and University of Nottingham. Currently leading molecular development of Guided Biotics™ for plants and researching delivery approaches

Dr Erika Grandolfo
Microbiologist & Animal Scientist

Doctorate from the University of Bari inassociation with Cambridge University in Animal Health and Infectious Disease with particular experience in livestock and aquaculture. Currently leading in vivo studies controlling unwanted bacteria with Guided Biotics™

Dr Egidio Stigliano
Microbiologist & Plant Scientist

Doctorate from Université de Neuchâtel in Natural Sciences. Formerly PDR at John Innes Centre and The Sainsbury Laboratory. Currently developing Guided Biotics™ for plants, and researching the interaction of phage on biofilms and their biomass

Dr Karima Djacem
Synthetic Molecular Scientist

Doctorate from Université Paris-Saclay in Phage Biology.  Currently developing synthetic delivery solutions from newly discovered phage and probiotics to control unwanted bacteria from production animals

Dr Alessandro Riccio
Synthetic Molecular Scientist

Doctorate from University of Liverpool and Singapore A*STAR research Institute, in Ageing and Chronic Disease.  Currently developing Guided Biotics™, for selective removal of unwanted bacteria from production animals

Dr Atul Kurma Singh
Senior Molecular Scientist

Doctorate from Seoul National University, S. Korea in Molecular Microbiology. Formerly Research Fellow at Harvard Medical School and North Carolina State University, USA. Currently leading molecular development of Guided Biotics™ for animal production

Dr Thippesh Sannasiddappa
Senior Molecular Scientist

Doctorate from University of Reading in Animal and Microbial Sciences, led to positions at University of Birmingham and University of Cambridge. Currently leading development of Guided Biotics™ for animal production.

Antonis Antoniou
Laboratory Technician

Master in blood transfusion and transplantation at University of Bristol. Currently Laboratory Technician supporting animal science with Guided Biotics™.

Stephen Catling
Business Advisor

A Executive Leader in the functional ingredients market. Formerly CEO of ABF Ingredients and Danisco UK. Advising FOLIUM on market entry strategy.

Dr Paul Little
Operations Adivsor

PhD Cardiff University in Organic Chemistry. Formerly a director of CMC in the health sector. Currently Operating Partner for Lundbeckfonden Emerge

Dr Tristan Cogan
Scientific Advisor

Doctorate from University of Exeter studies the interaction of bacteria and host, how it alters, adapts to, the phenotype of farmed animals

Dr Rob Kingsley
Scientific Advisor

Doctorate post as Assistant Professor at Texas A&M and University of Cambridge Infectious disease an expert in Salmonella enterica

Dr Jacob Malone
Scientific Advisor

Doctorate of Oxford University in molecular biology, is Project Leader in plant colonisation and infection by Pseudomonas species at the John Innes Centre

Contact & Location

Operating Location
Unit DX,
St Philips Central, Albert Road
Bristol , United Kingdom
Registered Office
1010 Cambourne Road
Cambridge, England
CB23 6DW